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GeneralCulturePowers History

These are children who actually look like their angelic heritage. They can appear with stigmata (wounds of Christ) or their shadow shows them with wings. Some have wings that appear when they use their power and they can fly on them. They are considered 'holy' people though they all don't have to act all that holy. It's simply preferred. They are actually the opposite of their family when it comes to demon taint. They are the most hearty against mind corruptions and taints. Balefire still injures them the same as the rest of their brethren. They are quite rare and I will only allow a few in play at any time.

Lost Souls
When an embrace goes wrong, and it often does (70% chance) the Seriph create a Lost Soul. These creatures are cannibalistic and starved most of the time. Seriph usually execute them immediately, though some have second thoughts and attempt to lock them up for rehabilitation. Lost Souls are playable so please see their page here: LOST SOULS.

Domain The Church of the Holy Angel
King / Queen
Ophiel Seriph
Prince / Princess
Kyosa Seriph-Keller
Rivals Bassar, Grigori
Allies -
Features Aura of Righteousness, Often Pale Skin and Hair
Fangs -
Strength Angelic Allies, Healing, Socially Unoffensive
Weakness Sensitivity to Balefire, Easily Corrupted, No Fangs
Minion Creation Yes, by use of blood consumption of the target.
Appearance Like everyone / anyone else.
Procreation Ritual Creation [The Seriph can only create children from the truly golden in heart. They need not be religious. There is a ritual for their creation where they ritualistically die and their bodies are turned into mortal representations of their souls. They can look similar to themselves but typically they are at wee bit altered. They still look 'human'. Sometimes, if they pick a bad apple to perform the ritual on a 'creature' is born. This creature is titled a Lost Soul. They must subdue it before it becomes a danger.]
Macro Feeders Blood. They feed once a week, preferably on Sunday. They do not need to eat or drink anything else. Strict ones will not, as it is needlessly taking life that won't benefit them there for is a sin for killing the food.
Powers Angelica, Blessed Alchemy, Healing, Angelology
GeneralCulture Powers History

Culture Description

Known as Fallen Angels and Bloody Saints, these people are often the first family ran to when the Bassar are in full force. The Bassar are their primary enemy, though the Grigori have shown their fangs now that Verus is gone. The angels have very few allies despite having vicious enemies. Their treatment of Lost Souls often rubs people the wrong way and more high-moral families consider them too extreme when it comes to their 'ugly children'.

They are all about building protective walls and waiting out storms. Not many of them actively seen danger and engage in combat. They would rather hire people to do such things. The Seriph are not incapable of it, but the common disposition isn't that of a front line fighter. Though in recent days that has changed somewhat in Odessa.

Seriph are somewhat spread out in the world and gather into little groups. They usually live in holy sites such as churches, monasteries and temples. They all are touched by Heaven to some degree and have a common religion: Sandolphon. Otherwise, the Seriph, unlike the Bassar, are not a hugely organized group leaving them vulnerable. The Bassar exploit their weak communication abilities regularly.

GeneralCulture Powers History


This is the power to perform feats of 'god'. These feats can make you seem blessed or beloved by God, or to others you are a freak of nature. People will take you as they wish to. There are no levels to this, simply pick one of the below abilities: 

Voice of God: Your voice when singing, screaming and in general when it's used with expression, is inspiring and unlike any other, complete with echoing resonation if you so desire. May people are calmed or even find enlightenment in hearing your voice. 

Blessing of Protection: You bless the protection of the cross upon a subject and typically speaking they are watched over for a while. This doesn't last forever, but depending on the destiny of the person bless it could come and go when ever their destiny sees fit. 

Holy Smite: Striking down the wicked is a past time for religious angels and this power exemplifies that. They can sense who is 'evil' and summon pain or even death upon them. These come in the form of coincidental accidents of misfortunes usually but you as the player can choose to do an attack that is down right obvious like the target falls from a building and lands on the pointy top of a cross, speared and killed by the symbol of god. 

Exorcism: With divine power, the angel can force a spirit or entity from a person place or thing. Some times they have to have extra help in the way of artifacts to get the job done on powerful demons. Other times their very words of banishment (varies from the style of person to person) can do the job. 

Prophetic Visions: The power to see the future, but it is not controlled by you in any way. God hits you upside the head with the stick of destiny and lets you see a few sparkling stars as you reel in pain.

Blessed Alchemy
The ability to alter the chemical and physical properties of objects. You can turn water to wine, bread into mutton and iron to gold. Like all alchemy you need a 'circle' or alchemical blueprint for the energies. The archaic looking circles used are actually the blueprints that focus and tell the molecules what to go from and become. Details like pressure, heat and speed are in the blueprints. 

Low Level: You can transmute simple matters from simple matters, changing their shape, and size but not their mass. You cannot turn anything into precious metals or gems. Your powers are humble at this level. You are bound by the law of equivalent exchange meaning in order to transmute something or get something you must give something or use something of equal value/mass. 

Medium Level: You can transmute uncomplicated things into complicated ones. For example you can turn rock into a canon with a cannon ball in it. Basically stuff with non moving parts into something that has a movable part or function. The law of equivalent exchange still binds you. 

High Level: You can transmute shit to gold, you can take part complicated objects and reconfigure them into either uncomplicated or complicated objects. The law of equivalent exchange isn't as binding but whether you realize it or not your spiritual power is paying the difference of the power.

There are two things you can heal: body and spirit. The spirit is the astral body that feeding astral vampires injure. People with weakened astral spirits are subject to terrible illness, mood swings or even insanity. The body can be infected by poison or illness. It can be physically broken and cut as well. 

Low Level: You can heal only astral damage and small wounds. Broken bones, lacerations and illness beyond a harsh flue (like a plague or biological weaponry).

Medium Level: You can heal the astral body for damage, broken bones, deep wounds, and most illnesses. You cannot cure highly complicated illnesses like cancer, AIDs and HIV.

High Level: You can do all the above and regenerate limbs, reattach them and cure people of born handicaps.

This is the study of angels and the way of life for many Seriph. They have yet to let go of their angelic heritage. Lucky for them Heaven doesn't hate them! They are simply not allowed back in for a long while. This allows you to summon angels and defend against evil. The levels restrict some of your rituals, or their duration, please see the ritual page for more information.

Low Level: You can summon someone from the 3rd sphere and sense an evil person place of thing. You can only cleanse a small area that has not been heavily tainted. 

Medium Level: You can summon someone from the 2nd or 3rd sphere and sense evil in a person place or thing, you can track the feel of 'evil' for up to ten miles. You can cleanse a tainted area so long as the taint is not reoccurring and extremely strong (like from a high level Bassar or a demon). 

High Level: You can summon anyone save for the top dogs (so 1st, 2nd, and 3rd choirs). You can sense when great evil is released upon the world, track evil up 20 miles and of course sense evil people. You can cleanse anything save for something tainted by a Satan or one of their bloodline.

GeneralCulture Powers History

Family History

They did not come from one creator but rather a handful of angels who fell. They were supposed to aid in the intervention of the Prophecies of Fatima. Obviously (two have come to pass) they have failed their duties. Since they did not actually sin but rather allowed a great catastrophe (and two steps towards the Apocalypse) to occurred, they were thrown from Heaven to repent. Still divine creatures, they were given the only the curse they were not allowed back in Heaven until they were able to understand the preciousness of life. They were gifted with the ability to drink blood of living creatures, which allows them to survive without having to kill anything on their precious Earth.