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GeneralCulture Powers History

Fae Splendor
Since this family originates from a fae realm, some of their members gain strange appearances that would be otherworldly even for vampires. Some gain long pointed ears, strange eye that have no pupils or they can 'dust' fairy dust in the moonlight. Those with fae splendor have an easy time seeing the fae and picking up ritual magics.

Domain The Crypt of Reflections (Shop)
King / Queen
Jared Prowler
Prince / Princess
Ginger Prowler
Rivals Githis, Bassar
Allies Cuthin
Features The royal family has reflective mirror like eyes where the iris is.
Fangs -
Strength Shadow Walking
Weakness Wards (often Cuthin)
Minion Creation -
Appearance They have a verity of skin tones and racial looks. Their hair and eyes can be unnatural colors or unnatural color mixes if they are born Prowlers.
Procreation Birth, Royal Decree [Creating one from a mortal is a privilege the King holds the sole right to. This form of creation is done from the inside out, your very spirit is altered by him, either slowly over weeks where he simply spends a few moments with you (rather like a therapy) or in an moment (which is far more painful). The down side is of course that your astral body is now wounded and slowly bleeding from those wounds so it needs outside astral energy.
Macro & Micro Feeders Astral. Prowlers astral bodies are constantly wounded and losing mass, because of this they must feed at least once a week to keep their souls intact. They can eat normal food and it keeps their body alive and healthy. Failure to eat BOTH ways can kill a Prowler.
Powers Phase, Prowl, Shadow Walking, Reflection Walking (Royals)
GeneralCulture Powers History

Culture Description

The family as a whole is hard for most others to determine the size and connectivity of. Most of the Prowlers are shadow walkers and many of them travel by shadow. The younger ones, or those who don't make up the minority.

Prowlers are a secretive bunch. They keep family affairs, such as gossip about wards and what the family members are doing, missions and life as a Prowler between themselves. Many Prolwers opt to take other Prowlers as lover, or in the case of older Prowlers who were openly protecting a ward, their wards.

Since the year 2000 the Prowlers haven't been obvious to their wards. They were to remain in the shadows and not have contact with the ward unless it was unavoidable. The protection of the ward is paramount. The Prowlers also rotate shifts on one ward to eliminate a Stockholm like situation for the Prowler. It became a problem in the early years that Prowlers would fall in love with their wards because they were always stuck with them. At this time the wards and their Prowler had a very close bodyguard like relationship that fostered such feelings.

In modern time, the Prowlers have adapted their lifestyles from assassins and hired thieves to being information gatherers, spies and in some cases: law enforcement. Many of the older Prowlers are more comfortable staying to the shadows and observing.

GeneralCulture Powers History


The ability to go through physical objects. There are no levels to this as you either do or do not. You can go through people as well as their bodies are indeed physical.

This ability also has no levels as it's a 'do or do not - there is no try' to it. You can walk and move without make a sound. Your weight no longer applies against boards and the friction sound of you moving along a surface simply vanishes. You have your own little pocket of pure silence around you.

Shadow Walking
The power to go through shadows. You must have enough shadow to fit your body into. If you have enough shadow to take some extra baggage then you can carry with you a few friends, opening the shadow 'doorway' as it were for them. You must EXIT a shadow that can fit yourself (and your buddies if you brought some).

Low Level: You can go through any pitch black shadows. At night is your best time to move.

Medium Level: You can go into heavy shadows but they need not be pitch black. An unlit room during daylight, under a deck, behind a curtain, thick heavy bed sheets in a well lit room, those sorts of shadows. 

High Level: You can enter into any light shadow, so long as it is big enough for you. This doesn't include the one your body casts.

Refection Walking
This is a power only the royal blood line has, it is the ability to enter into reflective objects like mirrors, still water, or shinny cars. So long as it is large enough for them to fit into and exit they can move through it.

GeneralCulture Powers History

Family History

Ages ago the clan begun as an accident by Jared Prowler. He was a recluse of sorts and the only vampire of his kind that he knew of. No one else manipulated the astral world. Feeling alone he chose to create his own pocket dimension and lived there. However eventually he longed for company and began kidnapping children which he used magic to turn into various creatures that amused him. This too bored him over time. The creatures that had once been children, now loyal servants, advised their master needed a real child. One of his own kind to raise.

He sent the creatures to steal him a little girl to raise. An accident was made however and they brought him a boy! Having already elected for the name Ginger he saw no reason to change this and raised his son as his heir. However what was an heir with no kingdom to inherit? So he slowly began creating more vampires which he saw as his family and therefore simply named them the Prowlers after his family name. Some years later Jared Prowler fell in love with Vince Cuthin. At that time the Prowler family was small. Jared asked his little family to watch over those who mattered the most to him- Vince's family. However as the breed of vampires grew in size they each took on wards and the clan duty became to safe guard the Cuthins because their charisma drew in danger and some one had to ensure they didn't all end up Githis slaves.