City of Crosses


Politicians • Corrupted Stars • Seedy Business Owners • Entrepreneurs • Psychotics

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Mark of the Beast
Some of these demons cannot hide all of their unworldliness leaks through. This shows as having a demonic circle or contract circle on their bodies. It can be as simple as their demonic sigil (their name in an alchemical/magical language) or a full on circle with runes, sigils and script. These can show up anywhere on the body and can look like a birthmark to a glowing neon ink tattoo.

Domain Morningstar Pavilion
King / Queen
Verus Chabot
Prince / Princess
Azze Zeal
Rivals Seriph, Bassar
Allies -
Features Intense or oddly colored eyes, hair and/or skin tone, claws at times, some have snake like fangs rather then the typical set described below, sometimes horns and wings or scales, reptile or cat like eyes are possible... really anything kind of goes.
Fangs All of them have a set of top fangs that are sharp larger canines and smaller fangs behind them with small fangs on the bottom row that tuck between the top two fangs. The only exception is those who have the snake fangs.
Strength Incredibly Strong Bodies, Hyper Intimidation, Demonic Traits (The cool looking shit above.)
Weakness They must have a physical oddity, repelled by true faith, and be contracted to obey Verus.
Minion Creation Yes, however their minions do not gain more then physical strength and increased healing as perks. They do tend to become corrupted and sinful after becoming a minion.
Appearance They can look like anyone but do tend to have one off-putting or unnatural touch to them. It can be in the hair, the intensity of their eyes, or they could actually be sporting horns, wings, claws, fur, scales, any number of strange addition.
Procreation Demons can breed like humans, but they can also turn people into one of them if they bleed them out to the point of death and fill up their body with their own demonic/vampiric blood. If a person is pious and devoted to goodness they will become a Seriph, and harbor no taint.
Macro Feeders They are macro feeders and love blood. Intoxicated or poisoned blood is even better. They tend to drug up or otherwise intoxicate their victims before feeding on them.
Powers Inspire, Intimidation
GeneralCulture Powers History

Culture Description

The grigori are in many ways a mafia. The higher level demons love to either own flashy establishments or flashy jobs like movie stars, singers, artists and other shows of extraordinary talent. Lower level demons tend to enjoy working for the higher demons, just like they did in Haden and their Hell. They are their butlers, assistants, managers and other less central stage jobs that orbit the higher level demons. There are some that are servant to specific demons and other times higher demons just hire the lower ones.

GeneralCulture Powers History


The powers of a grigori are varied as demons are. Please use the Demon's Page (opens in a blank page) to look over the powers.

This power comes based on your demon's level (high, medium or low), and not on how old your are. This power cows a person (will power checked required) and rather then terrifying them, it makes them subservient to the demons' words and will.

All demons have inspire which allows them to inflict their Attribute on a victim. A contest of wills takes place and if the target fails to overcome the grigori they succumb to that attribute even if it is outside of their personality to do so. Grigori have only one Inspire Attribute which comes from their chosen satan.

Harmonies are used as an elemental attunement. It allows the grigori to create, absorb and negate that element, choosing to do one action at a time.

Attribute is far more important as all levels have them. Every grigori has an attribute based on their satan. This attribute is what your Inspire power uses.

Step 1 - Choose Your Satan
This step allows you to pick what satan you work under. It also determines your attribute.

1st Hierarchy - Gain 1 element as a Harmony & Attribute
2nd & 3rd Hierarchies - Attribute

Step 2- Choose Your Demon Level
It isn't necessary to play a high level demon to enjoy a grigori. For the most part, the higher level the demon the more 'evil' they really should be and the more self-serving where as minor demons are used to severing other people and can be more service to others. I would caution against being a 'minion' level demon. They tend to have very simple minds and no real intelligence to them, or self awareness.

High: These are the satans or Lucifer's personal commanders (who may or may not have a hell). These demons expect to be served by everyone below them in the ranks and will deal vicious punishment if it doesn't happen. They don't care who your other satans are or who you have contracts with who; you are below them and they are still more powerful then the lower demons. Remember, in Haden might is right. These demons tend to have a special place for humans, usually screaming in agony or fear in their basement. They don't care about the supernatural beings but some of them will lob weak ones in with humans for fun. These often come with horns, wings, and or other animalistic features that define them as superior. **If you want to try and play a satan talk to the moderator.**

Medium: These are powerful creatures but not quite satans. They are often the captains and generals of the satan's army or head of their departments like financial, judicial and punishment. They will only serve a higher level demon and will often look down on, and employ lesser demons. At times, for fun and to have pets, they will take other vampires, shifters, or inhuman servants but humans aren't that interesting to them since they die so well and are so weak.

Low: This is the average demon type we all think of when we think bulk demons. These are the succubus, the imps, the standard goat-hooves warrior type, the gross looking shadow figure with a maw and so on. They like to be of service to a higher demon because it gives them a sense of purpose and security as well as belonging. They are self-aware people and want to feel desired and welcomed as much as anyone does.

Minion: Simple minded, based on animals or insects, tends to only know how to serve others and has no concept of fending for itself. This creature will even serve a human if it has to. NOT A PLAYER LEVEL.

Step 2- Category of Demon
Here you pick the kind of demon you are based on what kind of game play you are looking for. Almost everyone will have some social but how the character acts in social or combat situations is everything here.

Information: Social, they will have higher mental stats.

Sorcery: Highly educated, these should have a minimum of 3 rituals of their own making and a good handful from the Cosmosis-Demonlogy page. Bear in mind that if you are minor demon you can only have lower level spells. Medium is medium level and high level demons can have all the spells.

Aggression: Quick to attack and become enraged, they will have higher physical stats.

Tempting: Social, these are usually physically and mentally built towards convincing people of going for something. A succubus or incubus will be sexually appealing while a lone shark will look like the nice old man down the street. Tempting is not limited to bedroom ploys, be creative!

Mischief: These are usually little tricksters who enjoy playing a good, dangerous, game. They will have stats to help reflect the kind of bullshit they get other people into. What kind of game play do they have? Depends on their idea of a good time. These can only be low level demons.

GeneralCulture Powers History

Family History

The Grigori family was created at the end of February 2016 after the epic battle for Odessa against both the Organization and the Order of Osiris took place. Samiazan, using Azazael as a pawn, had put into motion a grand plan to get his hands on the Book of Raziel. When it went south and Verus decided to punish Azazael by forcing him to stay with him in a vampiric body, his demonic power locked in Haden, Raziel suggested he make it an official family. The destroyed section of town, branded with the symbol of a empowered Jupiter Canon from Orion (who held Verus' divinity) became a central location for Verus' family HQ known as the Morningstar Pavilion.

Verus, by strong-arming the Bassar into helping him, opened a portal to Haden and invited the demons and fallen angels to come out and play vampires in the human world. The Grigori are those who took up the call. They take on the bodies of vampires and are bound by Verus Chabot to uphold a contract that keeps most of their demonic power in Haden while they can have a measure of it to be better then the sheepish humans.

After the Morningstar Pavilion was made, Verus opened up a production studio to make his own movies, commercials and build his own Hollywood inside of Odessa. He knew his people would want to be 'stars' and he wasn't about to have them anything less then amazing in the eyes of the mortals.