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GeneralCulture Powers History

Viscous Form
Githis are full of acid. Every so often one of them is born more mailable than the others. These Githis are capable of bending their bodies in very unnatural ways. Their joins are soft and can bend far beyond that of a natural person. Their bones are firm gum like substances and nearly impossible to break. They can distort and contort themselves to fit into and through tight spaces. Some can even push their full bodies through a six inch gap. Their hair is the only part of their body that does not stretch out.

Domain The Red Lounge
King / Queen
Luce Githis
Prince / Princess
Ryliss Githis
Rivals Cuthin, Prowlers
Allies -
Features Unhealthy or Miscolored Skin,
[Optional: Miscolored eyes & hair]
Fangs They have twelve fangs, six on each side and three on the top and three on the jaw.
Strength Cannot be Poison, Acid Protective Fluids

Acid Blood

Minion Creation They cannot create minions as their blood is too acidic and will kill the target.
Appearance The chemistry is amiss in a Githis giving them pasty or miscolored skin, hair and eyes.
Procreation Birth.
Macro Feeders Blood. The acid in Githis blood can be harmful to themselves as well if they do not regularly ingest the blood of other races that provide them iron and various other balancing chemicals to regulate their levels. Failure to feed results in the slow melting of your insides and eventually death.
Powers Acid, Fear, Mind Bending
GeneralCulture Powers History

Culture Description

The Githis are a mafia like family. They are tight but they are also carnivorous against their own kind how don't fit into their standards. A Githis is expected to have 'help' that isn't hired (slaves) and that those slaves are to be treated as though property. When one goes to visit a Githis they expect some manner of hospitality to make them feel special and access to all the treats and goodies that their host can offer.

Githis are not just culturally obsessed with feeling like masters and rulers but they are economically obsessed with making sure the family as a whole is very powerful politically and with high paying incomes. They often own their own businesses and hire from within the family making it a good place to hide your misconducts since the family won't rat you out.

The other thing the Githis are into is biological sciences. They want to learn how to improve their physical situation. No one, not even they, enjoy being full of 'acid'. They want what their rivals, the Cuthins, have had all along: beauty.

Githis are constantly abducting Cuthins as they find them, but the Githis will enslave anyone who they can get away with to use for experiments in biological weapons, chemistry, biology, and other forms of sciences. Other then sciences, they use them for labor of all sorts.

GeneralCulture Powers History


Not exactly considered a 'perk' of their family, the Githis have an acidic quality to their body. Their skin doesn't secrete it unless they want it to, but their blood is constantly acidic to the touch. It burns quickly, only giving up after it is deluded enough.

They have the power to scare the livin' daylights out of people. They evoke the chemicals in the target's body to incite irrational fear. The amount of fear varies on the level of control they have over the power. Bear in mind that the people I speak of in here are normal humans. This power works on all creatures but some are simply more desensitized to fear then others. If a veteran of monster slayer comes for you don't expect even the highest of powers to scare them away. If it does you're lucky

Low Level: You discomfort those around you, seeming 'wrong'. People will make up their own damn mind why, everything from you look undead to you having behavioral issues that they can just 'see' on your body language and features. Most people will actively remove themselves from your presence.

Medium Level: You scare them. You look like a murderer or a criminal they've seen recently, you seem to have 'intent' on them or you simply look scary beyond all reason. Most people will flee from your location, some zealots might actually attack you if they feel threatened enough. 

High Level: You terrify them. You look like a monster, you feel like a demon, you are anything but comfortable to be around and even the bravest of men will usually run from you.

Mind Bending
The power to control minds (not bodies). The victim is not conscious or aware of what is going on during the time you have control of their minds. 

Low Level: Simple commands that are part of one's primal nature and instinct.

Medium Level: Directions that deal with no danger to the person and are not out of their personality.

High Level: Complex directions or one simple one that is entirely out of their character.

GeneralCulture Powers History

Family History

Their creation is rumored to be from alchemical dabbling in necromancy. The first Githis are long dead so their actual creation and creator's name is lost to history (some Atani some where might know it). What they know for fact is that Luce is the eldest of their family. He is a very frail bodied person and is kept from harm by a personal bodyguard. His biggest threat is from a Prowler as they have a head hunt for him no matter what the laws of the City of Crosses state.

The Githis weren't always 'top dog' in the social ladder. There was a time they were the underdog and hunted as monsters, witches, demons or made to suffer and be humiliated by the Cuthin who ruled much of ancient Europe.

For a time the Cuthin family was strong and prosperous. This was during the rise of empires in Rome, Greece and other countries that would become the various nations of Europe. However at their peak they were also very arrogant, oppressive and did everything they could to crush their power over the population. Their favored victims were the 'ugly ones'. This caused the Cuthins to single out and abuse people who were less then average in appearance. Witch hunts, monster hunts and many other 'hunts' took place on their payroll. One such hunt was on the Githis family.

When they fell from grace, mostly from social upheaval, the Githis took this as an opportunity. They seized the economic power coming into the world at the turn of the century and reversed the roles between them and the Cuthins. They became fascinating with science, alchemy and all manner of medicine. The new Cuthin slaves, with their highly adaptable DNA made for perfect specimens.

One thing they managed to create was an inhibitor to the Cuthin's Charisma power. It was hard to abuse something if you adored it and the royal family were full of 'adore me' vibes. Their royal family's charisma is simply mind bending. It was intoxicating and half the reason their family is what the Githis choose to victimize.

It wasn't just their jealousy or desire for the Cuthin people but the draw of that charisma saying "look at me, I'm special!" One of the only good things that came out of their enslavement was the Githis' response to the royal bloodline's charisma power. They developed a suppressor that the royals ware to this day. It is commonly a small blue stone that looks like a small crystal that seeps into their necks near the Adam’s apple. It faintly glows as it works.