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GeneralCulture Powers History

The Cuthin family has one of the most unique creation stories. They came from outer space. The first Cuthin were aliens of immense beauty. As they began to breed with humans the Cuthin race was born, named after the species from the stars. Sometimes one is born with more of their alien linage than usual. They have larger eyes, smaller mouths, longer and delicate boned bodies and their eyes are unnaturally bright. The Otherworldly person has the downside of being very sensitive to magnetic and electric fields, often becoming sick or disoriented by them. They can also hear strange things in locations that others cannot such as humming, beeping and chirping of other-planar crafts and peoples. Often they have close encouters or abductions from aliens. Another trait of the Otherworldly is that they can have small pointed ears and very large almond shaped eyes. These people have Telekinesis automatically from birth and do not count the low level of the power against their single starting power.

Domain Hotel Leone
King / Queen
Vince Cuthin
Prince / Princess
Choli Cuthin
Rivals Githis
Allies Prowlers
Features Some shade of red must be in their hair and they are always in perfect health and considered 'attractive', by mathematical terms if nothing else.
Fangs They have retractable fangs that simply look like normal canines but a little sharper then normal. Only two fangs, dropping form the skull near the front of their mouth.
Strength Charismatic, Lovely, Long Feeding Cycle
Weakness Victims of Jealousy, Lunar Feeding Cycle, Slavery to Githis
Minion Creation Yes, though their minions tend to gain only their Charisma.
Appearance Cuthin vampires tend to all have a beauty to them. They can be in any theme from skinny bony runway models to fat lovely people. Their beauty comes in health, and their sexual pull is only present in Cuthins with the Charisma power. Every Cuthin has some form of red to their hair. It can be a single strip, tinted or bright candy red all over.
Procreation Birth, Transformation via Blood Transfusion {They can slowly feed a person their blood over a nine month period of time to transform the person into a Cuthin. The process is done slowly to not kill the person during the transformation.)
Macro Feeders Blood. They tend to like to eat once a day but it isn't necessary. Cuthin must feed once each full moon cycle, if they fail to do so they fly into a beast like rage and feed off the nearest thing- killing it.
Powers Charisma, Telekinesis, Glamor Illusion
GeneralCulture Powers History

Culture Description

They are charismatic on a high level and always lovely. There is no ugly Cuthin. Those who are not lovely are adorable. These vampires often find themselves to be slaves of the Githis who love them for their beauty and influence or a victim to social pressure and expectations given they are walking advertisements (if you ask perverts). Most Cuthin do not find their charisma to be that much of a benefit! In the past they had used it to own the upper class and political world but after their fall they've only found it bringing them sexual harassment and plenty of jealous rage from others.

The Cuthin family has fighters, but they are few and far between. Most Cuthin want to live the easy life of money and fame. The members of this family that are not born to wealth have no issues marrying-up into more prosperous lives. They groom themselves to take on the roles of arm candy and trophies if they don't feel up to the challenge of making their own money.

The biggest issue the family has is being scattered and disinterested in being together. Most Cuthin feel special and like the royal gem when alone. When they come together they often compare themselves to one another. It's like a great artist goes to college for art and finds themselves not so great anymore.

Cuthins are hunted by the Githis who as a family rival them. Githis love the mailable Cuthin DNA for their biological experimentation and they enjoy having pretty pets. Thankfully this family has help from the Prowler family. Since the kings are close, the Cuthins that are near their king get protection detail from the Prowlers. Cuthin who are not near the Cuthin King usually aren't known about and do not receive the help.

GeneralCulture Powers History


This power is the 'sexual' appeal and pull that a Cuthin can give off towards people. This will not make anyone drop and want the Cuthin. They must first find the Cuthin at least attractive. That means that if the Cuthin doesn't fit their tastes the power may not work on an animal attraction level. An example:

Yuri dresses like a punk, he wants to get the attention of a business woman, she doesn't go for punks so it doesn't work. However her associate (a business woman as well) can imagine him without the punk accessories and likes what she is conjuring in her mind so the power works fine on her.

Likewise, people opposed to sexual intercourse will likely not act upon the power, at times it might not even work. Really this power is simply their 'love me I'm pretty' social defense. It's considered vulgar to use it just to get a lay out of someone (doesn't mean people don't do it or that sexual partners don't appreciate it).

Low Level: You can endear someone or turn them on. They are attracted to you for one reason or another but they are not befuddled by you at all. This can go south if the person being attracted to you is dark.

Medium Level: The Cuthin is alluring, almost other wordily, to their victim. The Cosmosis vs the Willpower of the target determines if they are befuddled to take actions on the behalf of the Cuthin. 

High Level: The target is befuddled and is willing to be a temporary servant to the Cuthin, so long as the Cuthin is giving them attention and praise.


You can move objects with your willpower (and cosmosis).

Low Level: You can lift yourself or your body weight, nothing more but anything less.

Medium Level: You can lift four times your body weight. You can lift multiple things so long as they don't add up to your max weight limit. 

High Level: You can lift ten times your body weight and multiple things so long as they don't add up to your max weight limit.

Glamor Illusion
This is the power of illusion but it only effects your physical body. It is not shape shifting. You are only visually different, if someone touches you they can feel the difference, but it won't dispel the illusion. 

Low Level: You can change a feature: skin tone, your eye or hair color, your nail color.

Medium Level: You can shift your body weight, your ethnicity and naturally change your feature's colors. 

High Level: You can take on the illusion of being someone else (you need reference to get it right) or make yourself look like a new person, species, or other wise humanoid creature.

GeneralCulture Powers History

Family History

The Cuthins do not know exactly where their bloodline came from. Some say it was from an alien race that started breeding with vampires and others believe they were angels who fell and cross-bred with vampires. However there is always falling involved. This could be due to their charisma being considered 'unholy' but so alluring that it is the power of God.

For a time the Cuthin family was strong and prosperous. This was during the rise of empires in Rome, Greece and other countries that would become the various nations of Europe. However at their peak they were also very arrogant, oppressive and did everything they could to crush their power over the population. Their favored victims were the 'ugly ones'. This caused the Cuthins to single out and abuse people who were less then average in appearance. Witch hunts, monster hunts and many other 'hunts' took place on their payroll. One such hunt was on the Githis family.

When they fell from grace, mostly from social upheaval, the Githis took this as an opportunity. They seized the economic power coming into the world at the turn of the century and reversed the roles between them and the Cuthins. They became fascinating with science, alchemy and all manner of medicine. The new Cuthin slaves, with their highly adaptable DNA made for perfect specimens.

One thing they managed to create was an inhibitor to the Cuthin's Charisma power. It was hard to abuse something if you adored it and the royal family were full of 'adore me' vibes. Their royal family's charisma is simply mind bending. It was intoxicating and half the reason their family is what the Githis choose to victimize.

It wasn't just their jealousy or desire for the Cuthin people but the draw of that charisma saying "look at me, I'm special!" One of the only good things that came out of their enslavement was the Githis' response to the royal bloodline's charisma power. They developed a suppressor that the royals ware to this day. It is commonly a small blue stone that looks like a small crystal that seeps into their necks near the Adam’s apple. It faintly glows as it works.

Their slavery came to an end after Vince and Jared met. At that time the Prowler family was small. Jared asked his little family to watch over those who mattered the most to him- Vince's family. However as the breed of vampires grew in size they each took on wards and the clan duty became to safe guard the Cuthins because their charisma drew in danger and someone had to ensure they didn't all end up Githis slaves.