Criminals • Dark Clergy • Demonologists • Corruptors • Con Artists • Psychopaths

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Serpent Touched
These people have snake like fangs that fold out and drip a condensed liquid form of miasma from hell that taints the victim, turning them into pawns of the vampire or their patron satan. Usually they choose Leviathan as their patron, being the serpent of hell. These folk can also have scales, very fine soft ones for skin in calloused places or forked tongues and snake like eyes. Once in a while they will be 'gifted' with a snake companion. PLAYER NOTE: These are _rare_ and I will not accept more then two in play at any point in time.

Domain First Christian Church of Odessa
King / Queen
Vyrin Saviel
Prince / Princess
Rivals Seriph
Allies Githis
Features [Optional] Strange eyes such as cat eyes, goat eyes or reptile eyes.
Fangs They have four fangs, some more, that do not retract completely. Two fangs fall from the skull (top of the mouth) near the front and the other two are on the bottom jaw. Their placement is made for ripping. Some very demonic members have snake fangs and they are considered the 'serpent touched'.
Strength Demon Allies, Tight Family Bonds, Underground Ties
Weakness Cannot walk in direct sunlight, Socially Offensive
Minion Creation They can, but after a point their minions can 'rise' as one of them.
To do this the minion must have replaced their own blood with the Bassar blood and for the minion to 'die' first. They are damned to be owned by Satan Kirkis Bassar.
Appearance Looks like 'everyone/anyone'
Procreation Damnation (See Minion Creation)
Macro Feeders Blood. They require it once every night like a regular meal.
Powers Demonology, Bale Fire, Trance
GeneralCulture Powers History

Culture Description

They are demon based vampires. Bassar are known for being sadists, masochists, sociopaths and though very high functioning members of society they aren't the person you want angry with you.

For the most part they are a tight group despite being dark and twisted from anything resembling common morality. They will come together as quickly as they will appear to come apart. The Bassar have learned that working as a network is the best way to cover their tracks or get aid when they need it. Since so many of them are casually sacrificing people or doing other unspeakable and illegal acts they need that network.

A Bassar that does not aid another Bassar is often removed from the family by bloody force. There is only one family of Bassar that do not operate in this matter: the Daio Family. The many sons of the Daio family are like a small family unto themselves. However they are all alchemical and scientific cross-breeds and thus are consider more property then actual family members. This is why the family does not protect them from their father who created them as living 'spare parts' for his various ritualistic experiments.

Beyond the Daio's however, the rest of the Bassars, world wide, are connected via their Satan: Kirkis Bassar of Bassar Hell. His element is Darkness and his attribute is Anger leaving them to be quite the volatile creatures. The upside about Bassar is you always have something you should be doing, every night. Finding food, seducing someone into doing something for you or flat out finding a sacrifice. After all 90% of them are active warlocks and demonologists all vying for more affection and attention from their Satan.

GeneralCulture Powers History


Demonology is the study of demons but when it comes to the Bassar it is a powerful way of life. It is what allows them to keep in good graces with their lords, summon demonic minions and in general be demonic themselves. The more demonic they, the more powerful in this power they become. If a Bassar doesn't have this power they are not 'frowned' upon by the whole of society. Without the power one can still study Demonology they simply lack the abilities stated with in the powers: Summoning, sense of divine or holy presences/places and corruption of the mind. 

Low Level: You can corrupt unsanctified locations, you can bring forth the worse in people who are apt to be in bad moods. You can learn to summon a demon from Hell. You know the names of at least one or two Satans and can sense holy locations.
Summoning: Low - Medium Level
Rituals: Low Level, max of 4

Medium Level: You can corrupt sanctified locations that are not considered holy pinnacle (like a church or the crypt of a saint). You can call forth the darkness in people who are not masters of self control or otherwise in natural personality inexpressive. You perform summoning for medium level demons with much more ease and you know the names of the Satans. You have a select Satan you prefer to work with. You can sense holy people (saints, god-touched, etc.).
Summoning: Medium - High Level
Rituals: Low Level, max of 5 | Medium Level, max 2

High Level: You can corrupt even the most sanctified places. Holy water bubbles at your touch, not the other way around, and you are rubbing elbows with high level demons (summoning). You pretty much are the Encyclopedia Demonica. 
Summoning: High Level
Rituals: No maximum and all levels available.

Balefire is a greenish fire that is thicker in consistency then normal fire. It actually doesn't burn anything physical on it's own. Those that have this power can impose their physical attunement to the physical world to it thus causing it to burn like normal fire only much more damaging. It does not produce heat, and in fact to feel it is rather numbing. Balefire actually burns soul or astral matter. It is very lethal to face and other astral creatures. 

Low Level: You can turn normal fire into balefire. You can touch a handful of balefire and even throw it like a baseball if you'd like without harm. You will be burned if more of your body and soul are exposed. 

Medium Level: You can walk through balefire. You can produce a handful of balefire. You can create a horrifying attraction to a haunted house by igniting your eyes and mouth with balefire, even going so far as 'shooting' it from your mouth or nostrils like a dragon. Bear in mind that this isn't a great amount of balefire, only as much as you can 'hold' in your mouth. 

High Level: You can ignite balefire from a distance without touching the target. You can consume your body in balefire. You can ignite a sinner's soul with balefire (burning them from the inside and causing them to become a vegetable.

This is the typical 'evil demon possession' power. The body is made to move at the will of the vampire. If done in a perverse way the victim is sharply aware they are possessed. If done in a dance group or in a positive manner then the victim often thinks that it is their own instinct that moved them. 

Low Level: You can make people perform simple actions like grabbing, throwing, or walking. Nothing complicated such as a dance, dodging or things that require reflexes. 

Medium Level: You can make a victim preform any motor function that their body is capable of. You cannot exceed their limits. 

High Level: You can impose your own physical power into a victim causing them to perform inhuman feats or have reflexes beyond their abilities. You cannot add things like strength or stamina.

GeneralCulture Powers History

Family Historu

These vampires come from the union of demons and vampires. The Satan of the Bassar Hell in Haden took a liking to vampire women. He sired many demon-vampire children. Two generations later the Satan returned to his hell, leaving the mortal world and robbing the rest of his children access to his power. The Bassar became unable to birth their own children and had to rely on creating them.

The demonic influence is just enough to make the Bassar their own vampiric species but most of not all of them have lost any true demonic blood to them. What they have is a propensity to work with demons and a craving to indulge in their darker natures.

Many Bassar have attempted to summon demons and devour them but until Richter Daio's experimentation in 1999, no demon born Bassar attempts were successful. This success has put Richter Daio in high ranking positions among the ritualists and scientists of the family and little Sora quite a protected specimen.

Vyrin Saveil was given the position of acting King after sacrificing his own parents (and many others) in the name of his Satan. His position is only contestable within the family by one pleasing Kirkis more. The Overlord, of course, can choose to not deal with Vyrin and thus require the family to put up another figure head for political activities.

In February 2016 the Grigori family was developed by the satan of satans: Verus Chabot or otherwise known as Lucifer. Given the power over the Bassar family that Verus has he used them to open a doorway into Haden and invited all his little demons to come out and play. He continues to have an unspoken power over the Bassar.