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GeneralCulture Powers History

Storm Bringers
The Atani are attached to the sea and therefore they are attached to the weather. Some Atani have such an attachment that their moods can change the skies. Though these Atani have a special perk that manifests anywhere from one to thirty minutes after their mood spikes the atmosphere, the family as a whole does not see them as special. The speed at which they can influence the weather is dependent on where they are and how close the weather was to their mood's calling. Over Joyed- clear skies with scattered clouds. Angry - Thunderheads/High Winds. Amorous - Winds. Depressed - Rain/Snow. Scared - Overcast/Hail.

Domain Odessa City Library
King / Queen
Wymir Atani
Prince / Princess
Rivals -
Allies -
Features Looking into their eyes it feels like you're looking into water.
Fangs -
Strength Occult Affinity, High Intellect, High Creativity
Weakness Vanity, Tiny Population (Under 200)
Minion Creation No, their curse is only for them and their progeny
Appearance Eye color is a water tone between green-blue-purple
Procreation Birth
Micro Feeders Knowledge. They must partake in the act of learning or inspiration every week or suffer a slowing down of their brain functions. After a month they will go into a comatose state. Food comes in the form of teaching others, sitting around artists or designs, pursuing their own studies, or even watching an educational piece on television (they love Google). They can also eat food like a normal human. They favor is sea food.
Powers Persona, Arcanous, Elemental
GeneralCulture Powers History

Culture Description

The Atani's numbers have been waning over the years. They find its more in their graces to please others and therefore make themselves useful to others who will in turn guard them for that very use. The strength of an Atani is not in its bond to the clan, but in its strength of allies. Often Atani travel apart from one another, and it is rare to see more then one in the same place. Odessa City being an exception due to the curiosity that an ancient rising has sirred up.

Most Atani would rather be in the field of study or safely in an institution. They have little to no desire to get into frays or defend others. Atani consider themselves very important to the world for they remember the ancient times before 'ancient' was a thing. They remember the cultures and civilizations, and species, before Sumeria was a thing.

Atani are arrogant creatures. The older ones tend to get into bragging contests about what parts of history they saw or were a part of. Younger ones brag about their hobbies and achievements. There is no such thing as a humble Atani. Their arrogance shows in at least one way. That said, they have issues getting along with one another as they expect the other to always swoon at their greatness. This family has a serious case of too many chiefs and not enough indians.

The Atani's need for protection drives them to endure themselves to stronger people. Atani, though prideful, are not stupid. They will kiss ass, shine shoes, and compliment their way into a protector's arms. The stronger the protection on a physical and social level, the more they have to brag about! Often these protectors (people or groups of them) are a matter of pride to the Atani, as much as they are pets.

GeneralCulture Powers History


This is the power of presence, your presence, and how it effects those around you. 
Low Level: Go unnoticed by people who aren’t looking for you and can persuade very weak minded to what you need.

Medium Level: Cause people to believe things you say, even out right obvious lies.

High Level: They see you as a person of worship and will often bend themselves around you.

You have a chance at understanding occult symbols and ancient languages written with occult intent.

Choose one element to manipulate: Water, Wind, Lightening. Their is an archaic form of Elemental that also includes Anima, the realm of the mind, dreams and psychic. This form of Elemental is taught to only those Atani who carry royal blood from the Atlantean rulers of old who became the first Pharaohs and high clergy of Egypt.

Low Level: You can manipulate the preexisting element up to your body mass with full concentration. Smaller amounts of it require less focus. 

Medium Level: You can create the element from thin matter.

High Level: You can become the element, physically, but you many not increase in your own body mass with the element.

Anima Elemental

Low Level: The Atani has pure lucid dreaming and navigates the world of dreams (a realm, not just in their head).

Medium Level: The Atani to enter into other's dreams while asleep. They have to know the face of the person or if applicable, their true name. They can manipulate these dreams to their will but they cannot kill or actually do physical harm to the dreamer after the person wakes.

High Level: At high levels, the dreaming world interacts with the physical world and the Atani can willingly pull dream actions and items (such as manifesting a simple weapon) into reality for a short while. They can also seemingly teleport to locations by moving through the dream. This costs 3 Cosmosis to activate and 1 point per weapon.

GeneralCulture Powers History

Family History

The Atani were once the blessed inhabitants of Atlantis. Though a great and powerful place, it had deep seeded darkness in the realm of vanity. They believed themselves better then anyone else because of their gifted immortality and their high technology that trumped their understanding of spirituality. Eventually their hubris was the death of them. They divided among themselves and a civil war destroyed their home continent. The handful of Atani that fled the destruction tried to reproduce in Sumer, Egypt, Mesopotamia and other lands around the Dead Sea. They had times they were worshiped and then as it always does; the humans wanted the power of worship for themselves. One rebellion after another nearly killed off the Atani. Those who remain are less a family and more like contacts assisting each when they are close enough to do so. They tend to not go into the limelight and rather keep to themselves.