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GeneralCulture Powers History

They cannot be older then 46 years of age. They are a new bloodline. Those that are older know the Kamali history under Shifters, Kamali.

Wolf Echoes
Many of the Aposle come from Kamali Werewolf bloodlines turned demon. Some of the members, rarely and randomly, regain their heritage and can take on the meta form of a werewolf, though they cannot have the beast form. These Apsole are considered to be stronger in body than they usual member and are given respect for their ability to wage war against the wolves as one. There is a sick irony that the Aposle love about it.

Domain The Chamber (Night Club)
King / Queen
Prince / Princess
Mike Dodgers
Rivals The Kamali Werewolves (Standstill)
Allies -
Features Their eyes are more animistic and very intense.
Fangs They have only two fangs from their lower jaw near the front.
Strength Demon Blooded, Body Alterations
Weakness Innately Aggressive, Low Self-Control
Minion Creation Yes, however their ghouls experience their weaknesses.
Appearance An aura of a predator
Procreation Birth, Infection: Their 'kills' have a 1 in 10 chance to become an Aposle with instant blood thirst. Often, these Aposle will start off by eating flesh and meat and be 'trained' to drink blood.
Macro Feeders They drink blood and can eat flesh.
Powers Claws, Shape Shifting, Posse
GeneralCulture Powers History

Culture Description

The Aposle are ever the fighters, if one is not strong one will not survive in their ranks. They are a tightly knit gang, when you enter you do not 'leave'. You are family. Often times if an Aposle is attacked and they feel wronged about it they will gather up their family members to seek vengeance, specifically if the Aposle was attacked on their turf. It's one thing for the Aposle to lose a fight out of their territory and another to show weakness in their territory. The Apsole as a whole consider it important to remind everyone that messing with them on their turf is paid in blood.

The family have a long history with the werewolves. They find no prey more thrilling than a shifter, though often they only know about werewolves. Aposles will hunt them for sport or as a proof of strength. The Aposle who can defeat a werewolf in one-on-one combat walks away with a lot of bragging rights. It is well known that werewolves are stronger then one of them, often requiring at least three Aspole to bring one down.

Every member of the family does not have to be a member of the gang but to not work with the gang as a whole is considered to turn their back on their kind. Those Aposle often find they are hazed and tormented by their brethren. Most Aposle are part of the gang. Some run drugs, others do protection and many others do enforcement.

Aposle are known for their extremely competitive natures. They really believe that only the strong survive and they plan on living a long time.

GeneralCulture Powers History


This is the power to create strong, long claws for tearing into flesh, wood, plaster and any other substance that isn't hard metal. These claws allow the Aposle to climb swiftly and attack with painful slashing wounds.

Low Level: Your nails are razor sharp and the nails and skin seem to meld together.

Medium Level: Your fingers grow longer and your hands and nails become unbreakable strong

High Level: Your nails can cut threw metal and are as hard as diamonds.

Shape Shifting
You can shape-shift your body to take on traits of an animal. Aspole tend to have a natural preference for a single animal that represents their personality. It is not always their favorite animal. At medium level they gain the ability to take on the form of multiple animals, provided they have had some time to study how they move (a trip to the zoo works great!).

Low Level: You may take the form of one animal, choose wisely.

Medium Level: You make take the form of any animal that is half your height in size.

High Level: You can take on the form of animals, these can be made up creatures so long as you can imagine every little anatomy detail up to your height. Bear in mind that the animal you turn into would be your werewolf equivalent of a 'totem'. This is why Aposle do not all just turn into dogs despite their canine heritage.

This power represents the Aposle's connection as a family and their animal mindedness. The ability provides them with backup from creatures and people who are prone to herd mentality. Most people are (NPCs are almost apply) and almost all animals are, save for very independent ones. Posse is one method that the Aposle can go from having no army to a full street of back up. The heard they summon will act in their favor and once the power is released they will have positive feelings towards the situation. Their minds will justify why they came to the Aposle's aid, often ensuing that they feel like they were the hero. This does not have lingering affects, after the power is gone, they will not be any more inclined to like the Aposle, just the siutation will have feel like they had a justifiable reason to aid them. Anyone already agressive against the Aposle, or Aposles in general, will not be swayed. Any previous dislikes or feelings of resentment block this ability.

Low Level: You can summon one person or domesticated animal to aid you that is in the area that is in your line of sight (a form of mind control).

Medium Level: You can summon up to five people or animals to aid you that is in the area, and in your line of sight (a form of mind control).

High Level: You can summon everyone in your line of sight to aid you that is not already against you, people or animals.

GeneralCulture Powers History

Family History

These vampires are actually watered down demonic werewolves known as barghest. They were at first lead by Alex Silvertone (a half demon half werewolf with demonic blood in her that bound the two genetics) who created the majority of what are now the elders. Coris met Alex in the earliest of days while Alex was hell bent on making more of her kind.

Something was always off between Alex and Russle (who was the leader of their main enemy at the time) but she didn't put it together until she learned that Alex wasn't working off of her own willpower. Coris learned Alex's mother was the puppet master behind Alex's actions. She slaughtered Alex's mother to free her best friend's mind. When Alex was freed she fled from her life - repulsed by what she'd done and become. Feeling abandoned and betrayed, Coris took the Aposle into her razor claws. Aposle have a serious beef with Shifters to the point of a shadow war between them.

Coris took her main group to Odessa City to represent their family in the presence of the new Overlord. Being a young race she felt she had to make an influence here. Once they arrived her people took over the streets and almost all of the criminal activities of the city. Sadly the Shadow Wolves and the Bassar moved into claim a lot of that in mid 2014. Now they compete for territory on a constant basis.

When Coris and Alex attacked the Kamali Wolves outside their camp they managed to show their true power and killed one-third of the camp. However as punishment the Overlord sealed away Coris' powers and reduced her to a human to be owned by the Kamali. Her people were then ordered to protect the Kamali's territory as their Queen was the reason that they were so vulnerable.

The reason for the attack was simple: Coris and Alex went to ask them why they weren't fighting the Shadow Wolves who were coming into the city. However at the first sight of claws Coris jump at the chance to shed their blood. Alex attempted to not kill the ones she fought, as she hadn't come there to fight with them - but she would be killed if she didn't act in self-defense.

After this massacre, in early August of 2014, Alex was promoted to the Queen of her bloodline (where she really belonged either way) and Paralee was left as the heir. The Aposle do not take Alex's rise to power well but they are somewhat cowed by the fact that she is their actual progenitor. In August 2015 there was an uprising. A good part of the Aposle decided to leave the City of Crosses with Coris and Paralee. Those who stayed are loyal to Alex Silvertone.