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Skills define your character's abilities. If you lack a skill it isn't that you suck at it, but that your not skilled at it. It’s the difference between knowing basic math and knowing algebra or trigonometry.

Major: For every 25 years you can have one more Major up to a max of four.

Average: Your good at these skills, darn good. You know them back-wards and forwards. These aren't limited by years but they are limited by sensible reason.

Minor: Please note this does not mean you cannot preform the skill. Your still better then anyone out there without the skill, it simply means your character is learning it.

Take skills that make sense for the character background. Do not take skills you cannot write for, such as astrophysics or biochemistry unless you are willing to look up the fields of study and learn about them. It is not up to the game masters to hold your hand through posting with a skill you are unfamiliar with.

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6th Sense [Closed without special permission.]
The ability to read omens, feel auguries and in general you have an strong link up with 'the force'. You know when there is a 'disturbance' in the world that is great. If a weapon is going to blow up a city you will feel the on coming doom.

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The ability to use both hands without a drop in skill.

Knowing the humanoid body from bone to flesh and all the in-betweens. This grants the ability to make called shots on enemies to dislocate and disable limbs and actions.

Animal Training
The skill of training animals to do tricks beyond common pet care. This is like training a hawk, snake, or otherwise wild animal.

An intimate understanding of science via minerals, resonation, density and chemicals and magic.

Armor Smithing
The ability to create armor types: Chain Mail, Plate Mail, Splinted, Padded, Studded... etc.

Armor Upkeep
You know how to keep your armor in good shape. This skill must be taken once per armor type: Leather, Chain mail and Plat email.

The skill of knowing the placements of stars and planets in space. You can pick out constellations and you can travel via the stars in the sky at night, knowing what direction on the globe you are going.

the science of the magnetics of the universe, the planets, signs and horoscopes.

The basics of jogging, jumping, swimming and acrobatics. 

Writing interesting and detailed stories both fictional and non-fictional.

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Blind Fighting
The ability to fight without your sight. You use sound and movement (and sometimes smell and taste) to figure out the layout of your fight.

Knowing how to tie knots, use shackles and chain as well as other forms of restraints. This is not just kinky shit, but it could be used that way. It is also knowing how to properly restrain someone with bondage equipment.

The knowledge of wine making.

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The ability to make lumps of protein and fat into a delicious meal. Many people will love you for it.

Combat Reflexes 
Being able to react swiftly even when under pressure or in pain.

This is the skill of understanding computer based technology. This represents your familiarity with various different GUIs, how to do more then just surf the net and answer email. It can have a specialty in programming languages, operating systems, database management, and other Computer Science fields. This has nothing to do with games.

You know how to style hair, do make overs, paint nails, buff skin, use contacts and makeup. You can do movie makeup, or model make up, you just know how to be 'oh so pretty'.

Skills in working with wood, paper, glue, glitter, wire, metals, anything crafty. You may know how to do anything from origami to making your own paper and book binding. Crafts is NOT tailoring, metal working or leather working. Those are different skills. 

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Knowing various popular styles of dance. Take this skill per style of dance. Example: Dancing – Ballroom.

abilities relating to making shit blow up. Demolitions are how to use or defuse bombs and other explosive equipment. They are temperamental and vastly more dangerous to both user and intended targets meaning that using them without the skill is almost always deadly. 

The ability to drive a car or other machine. The higher this goes the more vehicles you can drive. At a low level you are able to drive a basic car. An average level you can do a motorcycle, boats, and other consumer level vehicles. As a high skill you are able to do jets, space craft if trained, and so forth. DO BEAR IN MIND your CIS still requires you to explain your training in anything above basic commuter motor vehicles. If you are going to be a jet pilot you best have something that explains when you were trained.

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Knowing how to work with electronics, soders, and basically the creation of machinery and toaster ovens.

The ability to break or make machinery, work with gears, springs and such. Electronics is a nearly needed skill with this one.

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Knowing how to manage a field, what is needed to grow vegetables or fruits, when to till a field and how not to over stress the land.

Number crunching and knowing taxes, mortgages, and other finances. You are an embellished secretary that is good at keeping track of money. 

Fine Arts
Knowing how to paint, carve, sculpt, draw, and other forms of fine arts. You understand the principals of color and line. You know what Monochromatic, Complimentary colors and the difference between pigment colors and colors made of light.

The knowledge of ballistic weapons. This allows one to use them and maintain them. It is also required for any skills in relation to weapons manufacturing/crafting. 

First Aid
Knowing the basic procedures of First Aid for emergency use.

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How to develop strategies for playing various types of games such as board, card and mind games. Coupled with Video Games one would have the skills to create a game design document for production. Note, this is not how well you play games but how well you conceive hem.

Knowing the different types of flowers, weeds, brush, trees, and in general understanding plants and the basics of keeping up a garden. You are not a farmer, you are not a herbalist. You know how to keep a good clean garden.

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Herbal Lore
Knowing and understanding how to care for and use herbs. This is useful for mixing your own special brews and powders for Item Creation.

House Keeping
Knowing how to keep a house clean, how to clean up just about everything and tricks to keeping things clean. You could write one of those books: 101 ways to clean everything in a house. 

Knowing how to track, bait and hunt animals . Knowing how to prepare them for use.

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Instrument Playing
Knowing how to play an instrument, including the human voice as an instrument (singing or sound effects). Take this skill per instrument you want to know how to use. Example: Instrument Playing – Flute.

Being able to design and create new and wondrous things.

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Keen Sense
One or more of your five senses are quite sharp. You must take this skill per sense you wish to sharpen. This skill doesn't mean you're better then animals or the 'best'. It means you're better then the normal person. Example: Keen Sense – Sight.

Knowledge of (insert)
Having an in-depth knowledge of something on a scholarly level. This skill only applies to things like various religious sects, history of a culture, arcane, etc. Example: Knowledge of Saints.

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A skill for properly lifting heavy things, understanding how to do grunt work and do so efficiently.

This is knowing another language beyond your home language. Example: Language – Spanish

Knowing how to break and enter, knowing pick pocketing and common theft. You are able to make it good on the streets. You are a felon or at least have felon skills.

Leather Working
The ability to cure animal hides into leather and shape it into various armors or necessities.

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Understanding pressure points and herbs for use in work on the muscles of the body in order to relieve stress and pain.

Understanding how numbers relate, the different forms of math and the patters and sequences that come from math. You know formulas and geometry.

Machine Operation 
You know how to use heavy duty machinery, such a tractors and construction equipment.

Medical Knowledge
The knowledge of medications and how to administer them.

The ability to collect ones mind and project from that state of peace either into the astral plane or into the mind maps of others.

The ability to use weapons to attack. Covers such weapons as swords, hammers, spears, knives, etc.

Mounted Combat
Being able to attack while still riding a horse. 

Mount Riding
The ability to ride and command a mount.

Multiple Opponents
Being able to take on more then one opponent at a time. 

Music Composition
The ability to design sheets of music to be played by one person or even a choir.

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The mystical studies of the magical systems. Ritualists (Angelology, Demonology, Gaian, Sandolphon, etc) and mystics are familiar with these systems. This is a must for Mages and anyone who uses rituals. Where it does not grant Cosmosis, it does allow one to use their Cosmosis in the skill of Negate, which helps temper both physical and kinetic damage as well as add to one's healing rate.

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Knowing how to write in a stylistic way. Knowing how to be neat and concise with your lettering. 

Pet Care
Knowing how to care for various common pets. You have the patience to do so and the knowledge of how to raise babies into healthy adults and take care of elderly, sick or injured pets. This doesn't mean you're a vet. 

Knowing how to act in plays, how to read scripts and generally perform for theater. 

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Quick Draw
This allows the character to draw you gun / dagger / thrown small object faster then the eye can see. It's useful for duels and shootouts but even more useful for the element of surprise on some unsuspecting enemy!

Quick Cast
This is the skill to retain magical energy impressions in your body and brain, ready for activation with a mental trigger. This removes the need for people to preform rituals for commonly used or well studied rituals. It requires instant visualization, which comes in this skill.

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The skill to use a non-ballistic ranged weapons. This would be bows, slings and thrown weapons.

The ability to perceive resonance in energy. This is usually a skill mages, mythics, fae, and other energetic based supernatural or trained individuals possess. It is not a skill for characters who are not associated to the occult arts of magic or cosmic energy.

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Science Specialty
Science has a broad range of study from the Newton's Theory to Natural Sciences. Just having this skill means that the character has advanced scientific schooling. They must have a specialty field they studied science for. Some idea specialties would be: Alchemy, Natural Sciences, Electronics, Magnetism, Psychics, Biology, Botany, Metaphysics.

The character can read, write and knows basic schooling. Being a prodigy of this is rather like being a prodigy of studying.

The ability to manage business of house hold affairs, delegating duties to others, keeping those duties performed, paying the workers on time, managing disputes between workers, etc.

Slight of Hand
Knowing magic tricks. These are like pulling coins from your 'ears' and other such things. 

You know how to walk quietly, you know tricks to keep quiet while moving around. You know how to open doors quietly and how to use shadows to hide yourself.

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The ability to create blankets, dresses and various other things from cloth and thread.

Knowing where and how to inflict pain and damage that won't kill a person but will cause maximum discomfort. Knowing how to use various tools of torture. 

Knowing how to look for signs of animal life forms and knowing how to follow signs even in bad conditions or if they're marred.

Two Weapon Fighting
Having the dexterity and skill to use two weapons at once giving you two hits at one time! 

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Unarmed Combat
Fighting with no weapon and remaining deadly despite that fact. Martial Arts, Street Fight, Brawling, Defensive are some specialties in this skill. Taekondo,

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Video Games
The skills of reaction, hand and eye coordination and pattern recognition are vital to gamers. Gamers also must understand a complicated, integrated system to play online MMOs such as World of Warcraft. This skill can be applied to any form of video game from casual Bejeweled to intense first person shooters, MMOs, RPGs, RTS, survival horror, adventure, action, you name it. It is good to pick a character's specialty as it defines their genre of gaming preference.

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Weapon Smithing
You know how to forge a weapon. 

Weight Lifting
Increasing your strength and knowing how to keep the bulk through the use of weights or resistance training.
· Strength

Wilderness Survival
Knowing how to pitch tents and make camp, travel though the wilderness and how to avoid hostile animals.

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The knowledge of the various aspects of yoga. Prana, circulation of it, the poses, flow, and their names. At a minor, this means you are learning the poses and the general idea. An average in this skill means in a pinch, you could teach a class, but you are not strong in either the philosophy or the names. At a major you could teach this and can be considered a 'yogi' if you have dedicated yourself to the philosophy; if not, you are still damn good at the poses.