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Dominator You have someone who feeds you. Without them you are nothing. Addiction to your master is certain.
Other Names
Ghouls, Reverents,
Blood Junkies, Servants
Strength Longevity [x10 the aging process of a normal human],
Speedy Healing [x5 the rate of a normal human],
Sense of the Master [Uncanny ability to find one's owner],
Powers [Obtains a very weak form of one of the master's powers]
Weakness Bound [Will do the will of the master despite personal will],
Blood Hunger [Will crave the blood and bite of vampires],
Obsession [Develops an obsessive disorder for their master]
Powers Based on their current Master.
Creation Minions are people who have vampiric blood bonded to them. They are often called Ghouls as well, though it is a more derogatory term. They often feed their vampire masters after they have been 'infected'. Minions are made by drinking the blood of a vampire family that has the ability to make minions (some do not).

Though most vampires say it takes three times of drinking blood before the bond is complete the truth is it is amount. Human beings just don't tend to sit down to a mug of blood and be able to digest it. However intervenious supplying, bypassing the stomach's response, would ghoul someone in one shot. It takes roughly 355 ml / 12 oz to transform someone into a minion.

The transformation is on a cellular level. Not some sort of quota of blood that can be processed and passed like waste or burned up using powers. It encodes the informaiton into the victim's cells and delivers a permanate effect. You can never be 'unghouled' as it were. Once a minion, always a minion.

For Cuthin, they create their own from humans by continuing to feed the subject for a year. Their blood is heavily transformative and it is a gentle way to become a vampire. However, for the Bassar, if a target's blood amount exceeds the 12oz in less then a week's time the person has a chance of becoming a Bassar.

Questions What happens if someone is turned into a minion and some other vampire attmpts to minionize them again?
The minion begins to get torn between masters. Whoever feeds them more wins out. So if Don is ghouled by Rose and hasn't been fed Rose's blood in a month; Yuri walks in and feeds Don, Don is torn between the two: Rose and Yuri until one of them gives Don more of their blood. It becomes a fight over who gets to have what. During this time the minion loses any vampiric powers it had and cannot sense their master well.

What happens if your master dies?
Due to the emotional and behavioral afflictions, ghouls often kill themselves to 'join their master'. Very few can find a reason to live on.

Can more then just humans become minions?
Oh yeah. Vampires can be minions to other vampires.

Stigmata or humans who are not susceptible to Vampire Powers, are they ghoulable?
Stigmata children are able to be made into minions by Seriph or angelic attuned vampires. Their body can hurt the vampires but only when the intent is there to do so. Otherwise their blood is simply a delicacy.

Humans that have special abilities that are immune to vampire powers are also immune to being ghouled. Humans who have the ability to self-heal are healing based on their DNA's best blueprint. They can only be temporarily ghouled and the affects are much lighter, not often establishing any heavy behavioral impacts. This is the only case in which the vampiric minion-making properties are 'passed' over time.

MinionsMinionsHalf-BreedsEspers FaeMages

Half- Breeds

Social Impact The lives of half-breeds depends on the cultural and social implications of their parents' joining.
Other Names
Mutts, Mongrels, Freaks
Strength Can pull from two different power-pools.
Weakness Socially undesired by most.
Creation Science, ritual or sexual intimacy.
Powers Most half-breeds have one power from both parents.

Vampire Families: Vampire half-breeds must be born that way. It is a one out of ten chance that they have physical features of both parents. One out of 100 that gain duel powers.

Vampires-Humans: This is not as rare as one thinks. A damphyr is a very specific kind of half-breed of this kind made by Bassar and honestly holy people. Usually a child just becomes a vampire or a human. No in between and no empowerment.

Vampires-Shapeshifters: These can be made by ritual or by after-birth vampiric infection. Born, they often prefer the shifter parent and do not hold anything from the vampire parent.

Vampires-Fae: The fae is required to go dark and have strong vices that control them. They can have one ability from both parents or none at all. Their appearances are also blendable.

Shifter-Fae: Often the fae is more wild at heart then usual and has a difficult time in society. The shifter is more agressive and territorial then any fae will be. They have no restrictions but tend to be to absentminded or selfish to be of any use to anyone.

Fae-Humans: They are basically humans with some outlandish looks and personalities. They have no powers.

Shifters-Humans: Usually they have heightened senses but no abilities from their shifter parent. This happens when a child is born to a human and a shifter but never seems to 'take' the shifting genetics.

Espers, Spirits and Mystics: Do not cross-breed any powers or genetic code that would make them different from a baseline human or mundane breed.

Family Dispositions Angel: They abandon their nephilim to die.

Aposle: If they pull their weight they're 'one of them' if not they are out and maybe even destroyed.

Atani: Study them.

Bassar: Use and lose them, or turn them into functional property

Cuthin: Adore them as one of their own.

Demons: Love to torment them to siphon their negativity.

Githis: Depends on how beautiful they are, if they are lovely they keep them and adore them (or turn them into slaves). If they are ugly they destroy them or throw them out.

Lost Soul: They would attempt to either raise or eat their child, depends on the Lost Soul and how hungry it is at the time.

Prowler: Keep them as their own but never see them as 'pure breeds' nor trust them with too much responsability.

Seriph: Cannot be made.

Tenson: On the rare occasion one is somehow created they would do as Enma wills of them with it. This is often leave it with the non-Tenson Shuzoku parent to be raised by them.

Shifters: If they shift into meta at some point they will take them in. Otherwise they leave them with the other parent.

Other Beings: Varies by the parents.

Known Names Alex (Werewolf-Demon), Isa (Bassar-Incubus), Lilly (Bassar-Siren), Logan (Cuthin-Fae), Ophiel (Serif-Mage), Orion (Esper-Mage), Sammy (Werewolf-Human), Winter (Fae-Mage)


Lifespan Ageless
Other Names
Fiends, Hellions, Undead
Fangs Small fangs for their top canines
Features Their eyes have a hint of unnatural glow to them.
Strength Near Instant Regeneration, Hyper Strenght (on par with the strenght of a werewolf), Hyper Reflexes & Agility, Gain Sustaince from Blood and Food, Can drink Supernatrual Blood Safely, Slowed Bio-Clock 1 year per 50 after age 15
Weakness Noon time burns from direct sunlight (11:30am - 12:30pm).
They are not accepted by either vampires nor humans.
Creation A truly holy person (usually Holy Touched in some way) and a Bassar manage to have a child. This is extremely rare and happens once every thousand years at best.

Blood and food is required but it needn't be human blood (that just seems to be the best). They can also feed from any supernatural beings without any side-effects.

Powers Supernatural Physical Attributes, Regeneration, Astral Sense, Fire Resistant, Strong Command over Lesser Demons
Known Names Jeval Rosecross
MinionsMinionsHalf-BreedsEspers FaeMages


Lifespan Varies, Ageless to Immortal
Other Names
Mutants, Psychics, Freaks, Witch-Born
Cultural Impact They become the private stock of the Overlord after they are tagged.
Features They can have unusual features such as glowing eyes, unnatrual hair, strange skin, extra limbs, whatever your imagination can come up with they can have it (with approval of the GM).
Strength Empowered Humans, Cosmetically Creative, Enhanced Cosmosis
Weakness Socially Unaccepted & Hunted
Creation A strange fluke in the cosmic order shifts during the deveopment process of a fetus and it comes out as an Esper.
Powers Pre-Cognition, Post-Cognition, Psychometry, Telekinesis, Psychokinesis, Astral Projection, Telepathy, Correspondence, Elemental Manipulation, Regeneration, Bio-Feedback
Known Names Isaiah Knighttower [Bio-Feedback], Sikes [Electromagnetic Radiation]
MinionsMinionsHalf-BreedsEspers FaeMages


Lifespan Ageless
Other Names
Faires, Little People
Cultural Impact Varies by type of fae.
Features Varies by Speices. Research is encouraged on the player's part.
Strength Invisible to Mortals, Multiple Forms (Usually)
Weakness Iron Allergy, Emotionally Sensitive, Drawn to Artistic Inspiration
Creation Birth
Powers Varies, mostly earth based powers that help with maintaining the natural earth and seasons. Some, like Phoka can come with more then one form: humanoid, animal, half human-animal fairy. Others like, basic flower faries can come as human and tiny fairy.
Known Names Eve
MinionsMinionsHalf-BreedsEspers FaeMages


Lifespan Varies by Person
Other Names
Wizzards, Witches, Warlocks, Casters, Cosmosis Masters
Feeding The feed on normal human food, usually. Sometimes their magic warps them into eating unusual things.
Features Unnatrual colored eyes, hair, nails and apendage tips, strange marks, sigils on the body
Strength Unusual, reality warping abilities, extremely unusual apperances
Weakness Easy to sight, witch-hunted often,
Creation Birth or Alchemic Creation
Powers Alchemy, Artifacting, Spiritius, Warping
Known Names Kaname

Below are the types of mages that are common. However it is not essential to restrict yourself to the examples below. That said, if you do come up with your own ideas they will have to be passed by the moderator.

This is a sacred art of science among the Mages. It is passed down from mentor to student. The study is based on altering the energetic properties of elements with a fusion of science and magic.

Alchemists need a lab to work in. This lab can be as simple as a dungeon with a furnace to a boo-chemeistry lab.

By way of sacred geometry, various obscure elements between the various worlds (like salamander's heat, unicorn blood, and some parsley) one can achieve the goal of turning lead to gold. But remember lead is a toxin and thus should be handled with care...

Common Uses
· Creating fine metals
· Perfecting semi-precious stones into precious ones
· Developing odd new elements and materials (often with much risk)
· Altering chemistry within a living organism
· Making narcotics and drugs out of harmless plants
· Creating regents for Artifacting
· Making homunculi to carry out ones desires

This power allows the Mage to create artifacts that have a repeatable function (like a tool). These artifacts are often imbued with the power of the Mage themselves and thus are frequently coveted by people who want a hook into the Mage. As one may suspect, artifacts are guarded by their Mages.

To create an artifact the Mage must first have the ability or understanding of the scientific and spiritual complexities of the artifact's action. If one was going to make an artifact for healing the Mage would need to know how cellular restoration occurs.

In a lot of ways, Artifacting is like the marriage of logic, science, creativity and alchemy. It is a study of interactive design and must be very well planned out before execution! One doesn't have to be totally constricted to perfect 'known' sciences or logic, the realm of quantum physics and consciousness is also a part of the equation.

Common Uses
· Mug that refills itself and heats itself with one's favorite tea
· A house door that unlocks and opens for the house owner but won't for others
· A bookmark that always knows where the reader left off
· A car that never needs fuel
· Self healing (no really, one that does this) cutting mat or chopping block
· A cat toy that keeps the cat's attention when activated until the cat is tired out
· A mail box that sorts like your mail email in-box does
· A time-space barrier around your porn collection so that no one can see it
· A gun that never runs out of bullets or has 'heat sinking' abilities

This is the ability of the Mage to interact with other-realmly beings. This power is intuitively on or off. They needn't walk around seeing every ghost, fairy and shadow realm building there is.

Common Uses
· Seeing beings in the various dimensions
· Communicating with E.Ts
· Astral Projection (can also enter dreams)
· Interpret Arcane languages
· Natural astrology sense
· Intuitive astronomy (knowing the placements of starts at night)
· Talking to spirits in all languages
· Traveling into other realms (easy to get lost)
· Detect Life-Signs (allows to see people through objects in the vicinity)

The ability to warp reality is extended to the various elements of reality. The Mage cannot create the element itself, it must be present, but they can affect it in creative and unusual ways. this takes knowing some science, though as Mages are just intuitive scientists.

For example, a wall is solid object to most people but to Mage it is just a bunch of vibrating particles with an energy signature. If the Mage warps their own molecules to be at the same frequency then they can pass through the wall (best to not mess with the wall since it will destroy its integrity and may collapse that part of the building).

Warping can be done to any object so long a the Mage has a scientific understanding of the object. Now warping is not transmuting like in Alchemy. The Mage cannot take the element and change it into another element. They can destroy its harmony by changing the way the oscillation is thus creating an explosion as the parts break free of one another, they can cool it or heat it to some degree, they can even try to increase it by having it attract more of its own (like in the case of fire, water, air, etc).

Further a Mage can affect time and space to some degree. They cannot hold the alteration of time or space for more then fifteen minutes (and that is a stresser for sure) before it breaks or snaps back. If one is extended through space (reaching for something) their extended portion returns to the bulk without damage. Further, more advance Mages can actually maintainable time and space which would create a barrier like location that is out of sync with the rest of the world. Anything that happens in that barrier, once released, is undone except damages to organic objects and death.

They cannot manifest fire from their bodies to throw at an enemy. A Mage cannot rewrite historical events or alter time past making things speed up or slow down. Mages are not capable of altering a generic code but they can work within the code to increase healing or disease. A Mage can relocate particles, for example remove oil from water, but the relocated substance isn't 'gone' it just has to be put somewhere else.

Common Uses
· Pulling in electric energy to power electric equipment
· Slowing down time around them when they are running late
· Speeding up time around them when they want to get something 'over with'
· Re-heating a beverage
· Free A/C for an area
· Powering a car when out of fuel (just grab those free floating exhaust fumes!)
· Entering without the Breaking
· Compressing Space to reach that pesky mug across the room