Warning - This group is BL (yaoi) heavy.
"Like, it feels like a prime-directive for living here!" - Sikes
If you are uncomfortable with homosexuality please respect others and simply avoid joining. Of course you don't HAVE to have such a relationship, but the owners are into that shit so... it be prevalent.

Mature Content
This is not the RP for is focused around emotional drama. Some characters are quite powerful but as a rule the players are the under dogs. They will not be anything more until they, through the story, pull themselves up higher. That is part of the drama!

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What is New?

DATE UPDATED: January 2017

The City of Crosses is a co-created story based on a world design by Helvaina and character designs by the members.

Character Attributes Open for Creation
· Species - All vampires.
· Antagonists

· This is an 18+ rated group. Sexy times happen every now and then but there is absolutely no requirement to participate in either by doing or reading such posts. However, this is why it is 18+. We're talking mature content and vampires may as well be synonymous with sexuality.
· The Moderators characters will not have intimate relationships outside of each other as it is their agreement. It's a relationship-saver, trust me on this guys.

How We Run This
This is run through a Yahoo!Group. It is not a forum board, it is email-based. It is critical that you respond at least 3 times a week for all of your characters to keep up!